We are a revolutionary fuel delivery service, started in Seattle, WA ,that eliminates the need to visit the gas station or marina when fueling your boat.

Dockside Fuel Delivery

No longer spend your time fueling your boat. We will bring fuel straight to your boat with our customized fueling barge, ensuring your boat is ready to go when you are.

Non-Ethanol Fuel

Keep your engine running smoothly all summer long

Online Account Management & Billing

Manage your fueling frequency, view invoices and pay online via your Lakeside Fueling account.


Advanced fueling system to protect our lakes ecosystem from fuel spills.


We strive to provide you with the utmost convenience when it comes to fueling your boat.

Re-Occurring Fuel Delivery

Use your Lakeside Fueling account to let us know how often you would like us to deliver fuel to your boat. You will receive a scheduled date of delivery and a confirmation once your fuel is delivered. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

On-Demand  Fueling

Need fuel in a pinch? Use your account to request an on-demand delivery outside of your scheduled date. We will work you into or delivery schedule for the next service day. You can even order from your phone with our mobile ap



Our fuel prices are based on the local marina fuel prices plus a small service charge for our delivery services. We know that fuel pricing is important to you  and are constantly working to ensure that we can offer you the best price possible for  marine fuel.

Tax Refund

We keep track of your marine fuel consumption making it easy to get your fuel tax refund for marine vessels from the state. At the end of the season we will send you an itemized invoice that you can send in to get your tax refund.

Today's Price
$4.90/gal (non-ethanol)

Price subject to change log into your account to see the current price



Lakeside Fueling is currently servicing the greater Seattle area's two largest lakes, Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish. We provide dockside fuel delivery straight to your boat for waterfront home owners and marinas in a new revolutionary way. If you would like to bring Lakeside Fueling to a Lake near you click below.

Bring Fuel to My Lake


Need to get a hold of us to sign up for the service, ask a question, or any other questions you may have? Drop us a line...

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